MOEN GX Pro Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

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Keeping your kitchen clean and your drainage unclogged has never been this easy. With the help of Moen GX Series 1/2 HP high seed vortex Garbage Disposal, you get to tackle everyday food scrap the right way. Spinning at approximately 2,600 RPM, food scraps are crushed instantly and quietly, too, thanks to the SoundShield technology employed in the design of this garbage disposal.

This disposal's sleek design helps saves space and provides more storage under your sink while being sturdy and durable at the same time.

Product Features:

MOEN GX Pro Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

HIGH-SPEED INDUCTION SYSTEM: The 1/2 HP, 2,300 RPM Dura-Drive induction motor makes it fast & easy to keep your kitchen clean wilt fewer jams. Plus, it is sound-insulated.

EASY INSTALLATION AND CLEANING: InSinkErator waste disposals are known for their affordability and functionality, the Badger 1 is no different. It mounts easily with existing InSinkErator mounts and is equally easy to clean.

DURABILITY: Compact and crafted from lightweight, long-lasting galvanized steel components to ensure a dependable grind for everyday food scraps.

CONTINUOUS FEED DISPOSAL: Activated by a wall switch, the Dura-Drive induction motor quickly grinds food waste continuously while it runs.

AMERICA’S #1 DISPOSER BRAND: No other brand has as many garbage disposals under various kitchen sinks in America than us, because we’ve proven over time how reliable we are.

Statistics show that a household of four in the US alone produces 6278 pounds or 3 tons of garbage each year, with 8.3% being food waste. It doesn’t take much to imagine the amount of garbage constantly pushed down your sink daily. If you can’t reduce it, it’s only right you dispose of it properly.

Magnetic High-Speed Vortex Technology

The Moen GXP50C GX PRO Series 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal helps keep your kitchen clean, and your drainage free from clogging. It is fast, dependable, and built to last.

Making up to 2,600 rounds per minutes (RPM), the high-speed permanent magnet motor design works to grind your food into pieces without the use of any blade. The system works by creating a vortex which spins your food around as it gets crushed.

Universal Xpress Mount Installation

The introduction of the Universal Xpress Mount system, which most Moen’s Garbage Disposal Devices are designed to work with, makes installation fast and easy. With just a simple twist-and-lock movement, your garbage disposal is locked in place. The pre-installed power cord makes powering this device.

Silent Yet Super Powerful

The streamlined design makes a compact device that helps save space beneath your sink. In addition to saving space under your sink, SoundShield sound insulation also helps reduce noise without sacrificing performance or your comfort.

What’s in the Box:

  1. Moen GXP50C GX PRO 1/2 HP 2,600 RPM Garbage Disposal
  2. Pre-installed power cord
  3. Removable splash guard
  4. Drain elbow & mounting assembly
  5. Sink flange
  6. Polished Stainless Drain stopper
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Size5.375x 13.375 x 5.375, 1/2 HP GX PRO SERIES GARBAGE DISPOSAL
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