Takagi T-H3J-OS-N Tankless Water Heater, Condensing High Efficiency Natural Gas Outdoor, 6.6-Gallon Per Minute



Perfect for any home or business, the dependable design of the T-H3J-OS-N model produces enough water to run up to two bathrooms at a time and runs continuously without the time limitations from the older, larger tank models.

Installed outside of your home, this fully modulated model can be powered by either a Natural Gas line or with Liquid Propane and complies with Ultra-Low NOx regulations, meaning you can rest assured that your comfort doesn’t have to come at the cost of your environment.

Additionally, the H3 series’ emphasis on durability combines Copper and Stainless Steel to ensure lasting efficiency.

Convertible Gas Types: Natural Gas comes standard, but can be converted to Liquid Propane if access to Natural Gas is limited.

Certified Ultra-Low NOx: With extremely low levels of Nitrogen Oxides, you can rest assured that this unit can be safely installed inside of any home.

Copper Heat Exchanger: The conductive capacity of the Copper Heat Exchanger heats significantly faster than similar Stainless Steel models.

Secondary Heat Exchanger: The second Heat Exchanger made with Stainless Steel offers better corrosive resistance without interfering with the conductive capacity of the Copper.

Power Cord: Includes a power cord as a standard feature for easy installation in all locations.

NSF Certified: This unit has been certified for commercial use by the National Science Foundation, assuring its top of the line quality.

Safety Features: A number of safety features include freeze, overheat, and surge protection. Troubleshooting diagnostic codes also come standard, making maintenance and repairs clear and easy.

Warranty: Each product comes with a limited warranty including 15-year limited heat exchanger for Residential use and a 5 year exchanger for Commercial use. Both come with a 5-year limited parts warranty as well.

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