Tyco Fire Sprinkler Head 5.4 Pendent Brass 200 F


Highly reliable Tyco Fire Sprinkler with a heat-activated 5mm glass bulb is going to provide maximum safety when it comes to universities, auditoriums and crowded places in general.

This fire sprinkler features ½ inch NPT connection for the most convenient installation. The protection is on the maximum level against fire hazards due to the 175 PSI water pressure release.

Most of the universities and churches use this one for their safety against fire hazards. The Tyco Fire Sprinkler with 5.4K orifice and NPT connection is easily installed on almost any water supply line, usually on the ceiling.

The temperature rating goes up to the 200F which ensures maximum protection until it’s too late. Besides that, the 175 PSI water pressure is more than enough to deal with any fire hazard that can be caused inside crowded places.

Manufacturer’s specification and features:

  • Standard Response system equipped
  • 175 PSI water pressure for the maximum protection
  • Easy installation on above-ceiling piping
  • Durable anti-corrosion construction
  • Ideal for crowded places like universities
  • NFPA 13 Approved
  • ½ Inch NPT Connection

When it comes to fire hazard protection, this fire sprinkler will definitely be a good choice. Its features directly contribute to its overall performance and quality.

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