Tyco Fire Sprinkler Head Quick Response 5.6K Pendent White 200F | TY323

This white finish Tyco Fire Sprinkler is highly effective and convenient when it comes to dealing with the fire hazards in crowded places.

The temperature rating of 200F and 175 PSI water pressure, the safety will be on the maximum level. Also, installation is easy since this fire sprinkler features NPT connection and 5.6K orifice.

Specially made with the white finish and bronze frame, this fire sprinkler delivers maximum protection and ensures safety against fire hazards. The construction is durable which enables the Tyco Fire Sprinkler with a white finish to serve a long time.

As for the installation, featuring the NPT connection and 5.6 orifice, this fire sprinkler is easily installed on any above-ceiling piping.

The maximum working pressure goes up to 175 PSI which delivers quite a lot of water that puts any fire out, especially in the crowded places.

Manufacturer’s specification and features:

  • White Finish for extended life expectancy rate
  • Reliable protection for crowded places against fire hazards
  • 175 PSI working pressure for quick reaction
  • Easily installed to any ceiling piping
  • NFPA 13 Approved
  • ½ Inch NPT Connection

Safety against fire hazards is definitely on the maximum level when it comes to this fire sprinkler cap. Also, sprinkler head replacement like this one is quite convenient in crowded places.

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